Meet the innovative new cleaning company that will change the way you do business.

The Perfect Clean Launches The First Lifestyle Brand Franchise Opportunity Across the Country

Our Perfect Clean Team spent four years revolutionizing the professional home cleaning business model. We made our mark on the industry as a lifestyle brand, creating freedom for families while maintaining strong core values. From day one we have stood by the foundation that anything short of “perfect” in every aspect of our business is simply not enough… and this dedication to meticulous excellence proved that success follows these principles. The loyal fan base, repeat satisfaction reviews, community engagement and company culture echo the bottom line of the business: when you do the right thing – everyone succeeds.

We want to share

Now we are ready to share the model on a national level for like-minded passionate entrepreneurs to join The Perfect Clean Family.

The Home Cleaning Industry is growing

  • 30 Billion Dollars
  • 33% Growth by 2025

The market for home cleaning franchise services is still largely untapped, leaving considerable opportunity for entrepreneurs to be part of this growing market. Couple that with The Perfect Clean Model, Support, Training, Technology and influential Lifestyle Brand niche and the opportunity for growth is limitless!

“I can’t believe I waited so long to invest in weekly services with The Perfect Clean… it has changed my life by allowing me more time to pursue my hobbies and enjoy my leisure time at home with less stress and more freedom.”

-Jenn Sime

Build Careers For People

“The job market was very challenging, especially as a single mom. Now I have consistent work, with a supportive company that has encouraged my growth with two promotions in the last year – I’m proud to go to work each day with The Perfect Clean.”

-Nereyda Miller

Prompt. Professional. Perfect. Purpose.

Our mission is to help everyone succeed by creating a lifestyle with more freedom

Our Founding Purpose Was To Help All Stakeholders Succeed

  • Our customers have access to our services to make their lives easier with less stress to focus on what truly matters – creating time and memories with their families: the ultimate successful lifestyle
  • Our cleaners are given an opportunity to grow through our comprehensive training and promotion programs to create a better future for themselves and their families.
  • Our company culture focuses on family-first values, and dedicates resources to schools, non-profits, and charities to build and empower our communities.
  • And our franchisees will be carefully selected to ensure our brand grows with integrity and enriches every neighborhood across the U.S. with The Perfect Clean values.

Our Vision

Our vision stems from the foundation to help others succeed. If this remains our top priority, our growth will continue to happen naturally in communities across the U.S.

Our franchise business is about more than cleaning houses. We are a lifestyle brand that simply facilitates a service that buys time and alleviates stress. Commodities that everyone needs… and our service can’t be replaced by technology. Our business model doesn’t require a background in the industry – just the willingness to want to succeed and a passion for making lives better and creating more quality time for what we love most.

Ready to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a profitable pursuit of
passion and purpose?

Our Founding Purpose Was To Help All
Stakeholders Succeed


Automation: You can count on us and our reliability
Constant Communication is key


Each team completes a background check and our comprehensive “Triple-Check Perfection University” training program on how to implement white-glove service and accomplish the exact same house cleaning. Every home. Every time. Each team uses our approved, eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment for each visit.


Technology is leveraged every step of the way to eliminate mistakes and make sure your experience is always PERFECT.
We allow you to customize your cleaning based on what you need done to make the experience PERFECT.


We are enthusiastic about giving all it takes to invest in the success of all our stakeholders, company culture, and community. We are dedicated to charities in the neighborhoods we service.

Why Own a Perfect Clean Franchise

Our Franchise model is disrupting the entire cleaning industry. Our groundbreaking business model provides exceptional value to our franchise owner — and their members. We’re built differently, from our unique systems and cleaning methods to our cutting-edge digital technology.

Unique Method & Products

Our unique method of cleaning and speciality formulated products make cleaning easier and leave the house smelling great when we are done

Corporate Support

We are right by your side. With our highly trained sales and customer support team. We will handle all the heavy lifting for you.

Technology Centric

We leverage modern technology to reduce as many mistakes as possible. Leveraging this helps us earn more and keep our employees happy.

Omni-Channel Approach

Our corporate marketing team leverages multiple channels to close more deals, keep your schedules full and keep you profitable

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Meet The Team

Ryan Buchanan

Co-Founder / Operator

Ryan is a founder and has been the CEO since June 2019. He earned his MBA at Arizona State University in 2008. He helped launch a pest control company in 2007 nationwide and was the CFO during that time until 2019.

He has been married since 1999 to Rachel and together they have 4 children. He has a strong sense of customer service and has been know to live by this philosophy, “Don’t tell them what you CAN’T do, tell them what you CAN do.”

Zaak Muro

Co-Founder / Marketing & Sales

Zaak is a founder and has been the CMO since April 2019. He began his career in pest control in 2012 and quickly became an owner of two separate companies until 2017. Then in 2018 he became a managing partner of Haircation, an online education platform for Habit Salon. He has been married since 2008 to Jessica and together they have 3 children. He has a strong skill set in marketing and software, and is always leveraging technology to automate the customer experience for the highest level of satisfaction.

Rich Rasmussen

Co-Founder / Customer Success

Rich is a founder and has been the Director of Business Development since April 2019. He earned his MBA at University of Phoenix in 2001. He has been the Co-Owner and Founder of Habit Salon since 1997 to present. He was Owner/Designated Broker of two companies from 2002 to 2017. He has been married since 1997 to Chrissy and together they have 4 children. He has the gift of vision, being able to understand the needs of a customer and how a company can deliver it.

Bring The perfect Clean To your community

The Perfect Clean is positioned for growth in regions across the U.S. The ideal location for your Perfect Clean office is an affluent metropolitan or suburban area with approximately 45,000 qualified homes. Our team will help analyze your market to make sure it fits the criteria.
Could your city be next?

Now Franchising in the US

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